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Notes on Binary Gender Tue Nov 17 2015
1. “Binary describes a numbering scheme in which there are only two possible values for each digit: 0 and 1. The term also refers to any digital encoding/decoding system in which there are exactly two possible states.” view at weirderary
#essay #nonbinary #experimental
Medium Fri Jun 10 2016
 I am medium. Brown hair, brown eyes, medium height, weight, and shoe-size. My brother is tall, and by tall I mean outside the bell curve.  He says he’s six-foot-nine, but my mother thinks he’s closer to six-foot-seven.  All I know is that if I stretch my hand as high as it can go, I can just reach the top of his head.  Like telling a fish story, when someone asks how tall my brother is, I just say, “he’s this big.”  read this article
#essay #height #siblings
The Poetry of 1,000 Feet Fri Dec 04 2015
When you fly at a thousand feet, you see the world differently. Commercial planes fly at an anonymous altitude, so far up that houses become invisible. General aviation flies lower. We are able to see into your backyards and witness the things you have hidden behind the barn. view at airplanereading
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Are You Prettier Than Your Mother? Thu Sep 12 2013
I looked over my shoulder as I was getting in the shower and saw my naked back. I paused for a moment to really look and see what aging is doing to me. The mirror reflected back a younger version of my mother’s bottom. view at brainchildmag
#essay #mothers #beauty
A Justifiable Unjustified Fear of Spiders Tue Sep 15 2015
“Covert incest refers to a form of emotional abuse in which the relationship between a parent and a child is inappropriately sexualized without actual sexual contact.” (Wikipedia)*  * Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source for scholarly articles.  read this article
#essay #abuse #spiders #arachnophobia
The Flying Confessional Wed Nov 04 2015
I fly a lot. Not, perhaps, as much as a flight attendant or member of congress, but probably more than a lot of people. I will take any opportunity to jump on a plane, and I don't even particularly care where I am going. It's not that I have any deep-seeded wanderlust; I really don't care all that much about seeing foreign countries or having multi-cultural experiences. I just love to fly. view at airplanereading
#essay #travel
I Used to Believe, Now I Know Tue Sep 17 2013
I used to believe that my mother was complicit in everything that went wrong in my life. view at thefeministwire
#essay #mothers #feminism
Being Raised by Lesbians Fri Nov 15 2013
The story everyone wants to hear isn’t the story I want to tell. Everyone wants to know what it was like to be raised by lesbians, how we functioned, what made it different. I want to talk about other things, the things that formed me and shaped me and scarred me. Not my mother’s sexuality. view at brainchildmag
#essay #GayParenting #mothers
What a Boy’s Love of Baseball Taught His Sports-Averse Mother Mon Sep 30 2013
I’m glad he has passion about something, but baseball? Of all the interesting things in the world, must he pick the one thing I don’t like? As I inundated both boys with art and music and science, I believed that I could shape my kids to be more like me than their sports-enthusiast father. Apparently, I was wrong about that. view at goodmenproject
#essay #sports #Goodmenproject
Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder Mon Mar 27 2017
“Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder” makes its deft way in the world as draft and fragment, beautiful in its brokenness, and yet seems to suggest the entire life, the only life, for now. view at americanliteraryreview
#essay #father #attachmentDisorder #contestwinner
Cicadas Wed Dec 28 2016
I had not seen my father in several years, and I had no aching desire to change that. view at thedrunkenllama
#fathers #Essay #DrunkenLlama
The Right Tap Thu Sep 01 2016
I had forgotten how warm the water is straight out of the faucet in Key West. Open the cold tap, and you’ll get water warm enough to bathe in. The water comes down a pipe one hundred and sixty miles from Miami, solar warm under the hot sun, saturated with dissolved makeup they used to say, or pipe rust or medication probably. I drank it anyway and didn’t mind at all. view at hippocampusmagazine
#Florida #Essay #Divorce #HippoCampus
Dragonflies: A Discourse on Anxiety Sat Aug 12 2017
I wonder if a dragonfly caught in a glass jar would make that same buzz I feel in my chest. Four churning wings, operating in two free-wheeling pairs, battering against the mason jar might sound the same as I feel. And I am frozen on top of the covers, agitating at an inaudible frequency. ​ view at lazuliliterarygroup
#AZURE #Essay #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Dragonflies #FlashEssay
The Art of Deception Tue Jan 16 2018
There is an art to deception. The way my mouth moves when I mislead someone feels like acting, not lying. I hear my voice as if it is someone else’s—aware of my cadence, my inflection, the way my listeners willingly follow. view at thesunlightpress
#Queerspawn #Essay #SunlightPress
Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate Tue Feb 04 2020
A response to an email from my son's school. view at brevitymag
#ALICE #Brevity #essay #Mothering
A Love Letter to Key West From a Fresh Water Conch After Irma Wed Sep 13 2017
The conchs that taught me about resilience and the impermanent island life remain unbroken, the island rock strong beneath their feet, the palm trees bending back up towards the light. view at huffingtonpost
#KeyWest #Irma #Essay #HuffPost #ConchStrong
When You Stop Inviting People Over Mon Aug 22 2016
The first time you step on a dead fly in your bare feet the crackling snap disgusts you. You run to the bathroom, wash your foot with soap and water for ten solid minutes, then coat your heel in hand sanitizer for good measure. The presence of mashed fly interior adhered to your foot’s exterior makes you want to yak, puke, or vomit, depending on your sensibilities. view at lunalunamagazine
#depression #ChronicIllness #flash #essay #LunaLuna
Just Kiss Mon Nov 14 2016
In response to being asked why so many are protesting this election result and being sore losers. read this article
#silence #notmypresident #fear #essay
Interview with M. Randal O'Wain for Hippocampus Magazine Tue Dec 10 2019
I sat down with M. Randal O'Wain to discuss his new essay collection, part of the University of Nebraska Press's American Lives series, and as a bonus learned how to rip off a copy store. view at hippocampusmagazine
#AuthorInterview #hippocampus #Owain #MeanderBelt #WVWC #Essay #UofNEPress

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