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In Which a Non-Sports Fan Watches the World Series and Likes It Thu Nov 03 2016
I’m not a sports person, though I am a sports mom. I spend multiple days a week watching my kids play hockey or baseball, depending on the season. But I don’t actually like sports. view at huffingtonpost
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What a Boy’s Love of Baseball Taught His Sports-Averse Mother Mon Sep 30 2013
I’m glad he has passion about something, but baseball? Of all the interesting things in the world, must he pick the one thing I don’t like? As I inundated both boys with art and music and science, I believed that I could shape my kids to be more like me than their sports-enthusiast father. Apparently, I was wrong about that. view at goodmenproject
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The Joy of Losing Wed May 14 2014
It's baseball season again. Because I have more enthusiasm than self-preservation, I signed Big Pants up for travel baseball. Because, yay, baseball! read this article
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