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The Poetry of 1,000 Feet Fri Dec 04 2015
When you fly at a thousand feet, you see the world differently. Commercial planes fly at an anonymous altitude, so far up that houses become invisible. General aviation flies lower. We are able to see into your backyards and witness the things you have hidden behind the barn. view at airplanereading
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The Flying Confessional Wed Nov 04 2015
I fly a lot. Not, perhaps, as much as a flight attendant or member of congress, but probably more than a lot of people. I will take any opportunity to jump on a plane, and I don't even particularly care where I am going. It's not that I have any deep-seeded wanderlust; I really don't care all that much about seeing foreign countries or having multi-cultural experiences. I just love to fly. view at airplanereading
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The Ultimate Guide on How to Fly with Toddlers When They Outnumber You Sun Dec 23 2018
Remember, it’s just one day. It does not define your parenthood. view at modernparentsmessykids
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