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Unaccompanied Minor Thu Apr 13 2017
I had watched the girl crying on her father’s lap in the pre-boarding area. I knew there was no part of her that wanted to get on that plane, but nine- or ten-year-olds don’t get a say in such matters. view at huffingtonpost
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How My Father's Serial Divorce Affected Me Mon Oct 28 2013
I never expected how my father’s serial divorce would affect me over time. view at goodmenproject
#Divorce #Fathers #GoodMenProject
Divorce Is A Car Crash And You’re Both At Fault Tue May 23 2017
No matter what the insurance company says, both parties are always at fault in every car accident, and if you can’t see your part in causing the accident, you are doomed to repeat it. The same can be said for divorce. view at huffingtonpost
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Are We Too Stable? Conflict Role Modeling After Divorce Thu Jun 01 2017
The nature of shared parenting allows us to do all our fighting when the kids aren’t home.  The boys have never seen us fight. This feels unnatural. read this article
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Bonus Material! The Nostalgia of Children's TV Theme Songs Mon Apr 08 2019
In the weeks leading up to Mama, Mama, Only Mama's release, I am going to share some of my beloved chapters that didn't make the final book. Here's the first. read this article
#Divorce BonusMaterial #TVthemeSongs
I Clean the Fridge and Ruminate About Marriage Fri Aug 26 2016
I cleaned out the refrigerator today. I mean like I took everything out and washed the shelves kind of clean. If you know anything about me, you would know this is not a common occurrence. view at huffingtonpost
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It's Not About Winning-it's Just My Turn Thu Nov 24 2016
Happy Thanksgiving, and if you are a single parent, remember you get to make the rules, and you no longer have to be nice to your ex-in-laws unless you want to. read this article
#Thanksgiving #Divorce #ParentingAfterDivorce
A Divorced Mom Talks to Her Children About Marriage Tue Dec 27 2016
I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking they are failures if they get divorced. I don’t want them to think that they even have to get married. And I also don’t want them to think happily ever after is just a pipe dream they can never achieve. view at huffingtonpost
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What If We Treated Marriage More Like the Contract It Is? Wed Nov 27 2013
Is marriage essentially flawed, or am I? view at huffingtonpost
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Sometimes You Are Not a Victim - You Are an Asshole Wed Dec 31 2014
I have, for a lot of my life, suffered from a victim complex — you know the one, where everything in your life is someone else’s fault. It is only now, a good six years after my second divorce that I am starting to see how I was no treat to live with. view at huffingtonpost
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Freudian Lawn Job Mon May 29 2017
I feel like there is a great metaphor in here somewhere—a reason for my purely accidental yet consistent egregious behavior. read this article
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One Way Divorce Reinforced Feminism in My Family Tue Nov 14 2017
As a divorced parent I often wonder how my decision to leave our marriage will affect my children’s future views on marriage and relationship stability. But maybe it’s not all bad news view at huffingtonpost
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The Right Tap Thu Sep 01 2016
I had forgotten how warm the water is straight out of the faucet in Key West. Open the cold tap, and you’ll get water warm enough to bathe in. The water comes down a pipe one hundred and sixty miles from Miami, solar warm under the hot sun, saturated with dissolved makeup they used to say, or pipe rust or medication probably. I drank it anyway and didn’t mind at all. view at hippocampusmagazine
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Book Review of 16 Pills by Carley Moore Wed Nov 14 2018
Carley Moore’s essay collection, 16 Pills, is an exploration on what it means to be a single parent, a disabled child, a daughter, a teacher, a sister, a woman. view at momeggreview
#MomEggReview #BookReview #Moore #16Pills #Divorce #SingleParentingWriters
TBR Tuesday Review: Single-Minded by Lisa Daily Tue Jan 08 2019
This week's suggestion for your To Be Read list is SINGLE-MINDED by Lisa Daily, a hysterical romance featuring a divorced protagonist. read this article
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