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I Tossed My Pants, and I Liked It Wed Dec 07 2016
One of my favorite blogs from the only-mama blog years, circa 2013. view at blogher
#humor #only-mama
How I Obtained an Elf on the Shelf Against my Will Fri Dec 09 2016
How can I threaten to call Santa to report on the children's misdeeds if Santa already has a spy embedded in our household? It’s an abdication of authority. The Santa threat is very important to my parental strategy this time of year. view at huffingtonpost
#humor #Christmas #ElfontheShelf
Rite This Injustis! Sat Apr 29 2017
My youngest son has objected to spelling since he was first introduced to the concept. It wasn’t the work of memorization that irked him, but rather the nonsensical ways that words were spelled. read this article
#humor #Parenting #spelling
Born and Bred Mon Jan 22 2018
In which I overthink a common expression and a patriotic song. read this article
#humor #BornAndBred #RegionalPride #Awkward #SocialAnxiety
The Diorama That Led to Despair Fri Jan 31 2014
I have been waiting for years to get to make another diorama. As a kid, there was nothing cooler than building a little scene in a shoebox. Perhaps I would have become a Rhode Scholar if I could have continued building dioramas in high school and college, but when they were replaced by projects involving diagrams and essays a little part of me died and I have been mourning the Death of the Diorama and my enthusiasm for learning ever since. read this article
#humor #parenting #OnlyMama
My Child Has Been Eaten by Aliens Mon Nov 24 2014
My kid has obviously been eaten by an alien and replaced with a really convincing replica. Nothing else makes sense. I didn't notice anything unusual until Friday. The new boy looked just like Big Pants. He sounded like Big Pants. He even fought with his brother and pouted just like Big Pants. read this article
#humor #parenting #OnlyMama
Elephant Skin, Grinning Corpse Face, and Fighting Gravity Mon Sep 05 2016
Let me just come out and say that I will be 43 this weekend. I’m not soliciting gifts or cake, I just want you to understand that when I say that the skin between my eyes is starting to resemble an elephant’s knee, I’m not exaggerating. view at huffingtonpost
#aging #humor #BeautyOver40
The Painful Birth of My Website Which Has Not Actually Been Born Yet Fri Oct 28 2016
I tried to make my own website. “You’re so lucky that your SigO is a programmer! I bet you have a great website!” someone said to me recently. “Not so much. He feels like I should be able to do it all on my own,” I answered. view at huffingtonpost
#WebDesign #humor #blogging
In Which My Cat Longs to Become a Feline Who Lunches Mon Jun 11 2018
My cat has recently decided he wants to partake in daily lunch. Said cat is seven years old, and heretofore has never eaten lunch. I am uncertain who even informed him about the existence of lunch since he’s an indoor cat. read this article
#Cats #humor #lunch
Have Yourself a Very Fifties Christmas Thu Dec 08 2016
I belong firmly on Team Don’t Mess with My Holiday Nostalgia. I don’t want new lights, new songs, or new ideas. read this article
#Christmas #humor
Book Review of Sink or Swim: Tales from the Deep End of Everywhere by Brenda Kelley Kim Fri Dec 16 2016
That common experience of motherhood makes this book engaging, as each story reminds me of one of my own, making reading the book feel like a conversation between new friends. view at momeggreview
#BookReview #Humor #Parenting
Has My Son Been Replaced with a Pod Creature? Sun Jan 15 2017
A sleep story in pictures read this article
#parenting #humor #sleep
Failing at Cat Motivation Wed Jul 12 2017
I'm no better at getting my cat to do his job than I am in getting my children to do their chores. read this article
#Cats #humor #MouseRemoval #motivation
Effortlessly Casual Tue Jul 25 2017
Some days looking effortlessly casual is a lot of work.   read this article
#Fashion #humor #effortless
Write About The Tomato, He Said Wed Oct 18 2017
In which I confess to the Great Potato Massacre of 2017 and hold out hope for my tomato plant. read this article
#PlantMurder #Humor
Clean Vehicle? Is That Even Possible? Wed Aug 02 2017
The Uber/Lfyt driver proved that cleanliness was obtainable, and there was no way, shape or form that I wanted SigO to get that into his head. read this article
#CleaningFail #Humor #Parenting #Cars
People To Stab Today Fri Jul 14 2017
I’m generally a nice person. It’s as if I save up my savage homicidal tendencies all month and they only spew out when I’m hormonal. read this article
#PMS #Humor #pencils
Our Mousie Roommate   Mon Dec 03 2018
We have a mouse, a cat, and a rat terrier. One of those was an unintentional acquisition. read this article
#Mouse #Humor #CatsWhoDon'tCat #RatTerriersThatDontTerrier
Tiny Pants Makes an Unexpected Request For Christmas Fri Dec 04 2015
Last year, Tiny Pants was seven and wanted an unusual item for Christmas. Lord knows what is in store for me this year. read this article
#parenting #humor #OnlyMama
The Aggressive Deployment of Kale Thu Dec 01 2016
It’s like all the nutrition experts in the country went out drinking and decided to promote kale this year because they really don’t like people very much. read this article
#familyDinners #humor #superFoods
Language Advisory Fri Jul 28 2017
This post contains profanity, because it is about profanity and it was therefore unavoidable. Please note: some words we use in a profane manner actually have innocent uses as well, so I refrained from bleeping them. read this article
#Profanity #cats #humor
Defying the Manifesto Wed Feb 06 2013
As a child I made mental notes of all the ways I thought my parents or teachers were screwing up and vowed never to do those things when I got to reign superior over children of my own. As an adult, I have gained an understanding about a lot of things my mother did or didn't do, and nothing has made me understand her more than having my own kids. read this article
#Parenting #OnlyMama #humor #Fail
Ruminations on My First Love, Now Outgrown Tue Apr 25 2017
When the phone rings, my first instinct is to hit it with something, or throw it. I feel assaulted. No, that’s too strong of a word, but certainly invaded. read this article
#phone #technology #70sChildhood #humor
Irreverent Instructions for Making Bird Seed Ornaments Fri Nov 16 2018
As a parent, I both love and loathe doing crafts with my children. I want them to make stuff. I just don’t have anywhere left to put the stuff they make, and my kids don’t want to get rid of anything, ever. This conundrum was solved with the Birdseed Ornament we made with our moms year after year. read this article
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