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Have Yourself a Very Fifties Christmas Thu Dec 08 2016
I belong firmly on Team Don’t Mess with My Holiday Nostalgia. I don’t want new lights, new songs, or new ideas. read this article
#Christmas #humor
How I Obtained an Elf on the Shelf Against my Will Fri Dec 09 2016
How can I threaten to call Santa to report on the children's misdeeds if Santa already has a spy embedded in our household? It’s an abdication of authority. The Santa threat is very important to my parental strategy this time of year. view at huffingtonpost
#humor #Christmas #ElfontheShelf
Two-House Christmas Mon Dec 25 2017
Sometimes people tell our kids, “I’m sorry your parents are divorced,” or other such sympathetic comments. But not today. view at huffingtonpost
#SharedParenting #Christmas #ParentingAfterDivorce #TwoHouse
When is Belief in Santa Inappropriate? Mon Dec 26 2016
My eleven-year-old still believes in Santa. Yes, he really believes, he doesn’t just pretend to believe to keep Christmas magical for his little brother or because he is afraid of disappointing me. read this article
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