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In Which My Cat Longs to Become a Feline Who Lunches Mon Jun 11 2018
My cat has recently decided he wants to partake in daily lunch. Said cat is seven years old, and heretofore has never eaten lunch. I am uncertain who even informed him about the existence of lunch since he’s an indoor cat. read this article
#Cats #humor #lunch
Failing at Cat Motivation Wed Jul 12 2017
I'm no better at getting my cat to do his job than I am in getting my children to do their chores. read this article
#Cats #humor #MouseRemoval #motivation
Language Advisory Fri Jul 28 2017
This post contains profanity, because it is about profanity and it was therefore unavoidable. Please note: some words we use in a profane manner actually have innocent uses as well, so I refrained from bleeping them. read this article
#Profanity #cats #humor

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