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Memory Dissection: A Statue, My Father, and a Camera Thu Mar 23 2017
The bronze statue looked almost alive—a young girl, life-sized, or nearly. Her small breasts and slim hips placed her at the start of puberty, around twelve or thirteen—we were about the same age. Her mouth was open in a perfect oval. view at roarfeminist
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Feminist Mama Manifesto Thu Oct 02 2014
I wanted to be a prostitute for Halloween. My mother wouldn’t let me. I wanted to be a cheerleader. My mother wouldn’t let me. My mother only allowed gender neutral toys to cross my path until I wrapped up a bag of kitty litter in my blanket and rocked to it and sang it lullabies. Then she gave in. view at huffingtonpost
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On Feminism: But I Like Being a Girl Tue Dec 23 2014
I sent my half-sister a link to my Feminist Mama Manifesto, which I posted a few weeks ago and her response was, “I’m proud of you, but I like being a girl.” view at huffingtonpost
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I Used to Believe, Now I Know Tue Sep 17 2013
I used to believe that my mother was complicit in everything that went wrong in my life. view at thefeministwire
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Know the Mother by Desiree Cooper Wed Jul 13 2016
There is no better time for flash fiction than the summer. In between corralling children to sporting events, the beach, and various summer destinations, flash or micro fiction gives a respite, like a lick of ice cream. It is easier to deal with repetitive, “Mama, look at me!” requests when one is still pondering the after-glow of a good story, and each piece’s short duration (1-9 pages each) allows Know the Mother to slide easily into a busy schedule. view at momeggreview
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One Way Divorce Reinforced Feminism in My Family Tue Nov 14 2017
As a divorced parent I often wonder how my decision to leave our marriage will affect my children’s future views on marriage and relationship stability. But maybe it’s not all bad news view at huffingtonpost
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Watching boys start fires. Mon Aug 13 2018
Essay published in Whiskey Island Magazine Vol. 70 read this article
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