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“ I like stories that risk something by being on the page. Whether it's the subject matter, the style of writing, or the fact that the author has tried to write about the experience at all, the work that feels the most rewarding to me is writing that has risked something to exist. 39 Lashes: Just Write Something About Your Mother [by Lara Lillibridge] has this level of courage in spades. ”
— Courtney Maum, 2016 Prose Judge, Slippery Elm Literary Journal

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Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder

Mon Mar 27 2017

“Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder” makes its deft way in the world as draft and fragment, beautiful in its brokenness, and yet seems to suggest the entire life, the only life, for now. View at americanliteraryreview »

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Why I am Not Going to See the New Beauty and the Beast

Mon Mar 27 2017

Our relationship mimicked the romantic theme of “girl falls in love with a man who has an anger management problem, but their love heals his beastliness and turns him into a kind prince.” Except in my case, it didn’t work out that way. View at huffingtonpost »

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Memory Dissection: A Statue, My Father, and a Camera

Thu Mar 23 2017

The bronze statue looked almost alive—a young girl, life-sized, or nearly. Her small breasts and slim hips placed her at the start of puberty, around twelve or thirteen—we were about the same age. Her mouth was open in a perfect oval. View at roarfeminist »

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We Actually Do Need Another Hero

Tue Mar 21 2017

We need heroes. We need people—both alive and deceased—to inspire us, but it has to be the right fit. We need people we relate to in order to show us that we, too, can achieve greatness. View at huffingtonpost »

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The Talk of a Lifetime

Mon Mar 13 2017

So how do we facilitate conversations that spark memory and move to deeper levels? By asking questions. How do we think of good questions? By using other people’s questions. (it's not laziness, it's efficiency.) Read more »

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Elementary School Maps Messed Me Up For Life

Wed Mar 08 2017

I can't be the only one who screwed this whole thing up. Read more »

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When Hate Crimes Hit Close to Home

Tue Mar 07 2017

I clicked through a photo gallery of vandalism at the Waad Hakolel Cemetery, where my great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles are buried. Toppled graves, defaced photos on headstones. Defaced sounds clinical, but here it is an exact word—care was taken to destroy only the faces on the mounted photos. There is no chance that such damage occurred from weather or settling earth. View at huffingtonpost »

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Free Sticks are Bad. Expensive Sticks Are Good

Mon Feb 27 2017

I think I’m going to un-schedule my kids, at least a little bit. Instead of signing up my little one for the next round of sports, I’m going to buy him a tent.  I’m going to encourage him to poke more things with sticks and will occasionally even let him borrow my pocket knife. Read more »

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The Importance of Stories

Sat Feb 25 2017

I hate writing about writing, and I don’t think other people particularly like to read other people’s blogs about writing. Yet, here I am unable to resist, because I have fallen in love with stories again. Read more »

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In Which I Receive The Infamous Email from the Health Teacher

Mon Feb 20 2017

I have been dreading the school notification for over a year.  You know, the one that says something about how we will be having a health class just for boys and another one just for girls. Sex Ed, middle school style. Read more »

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Slouchy Boots

Wed Feb 15 2017

I would rather have half of my footwear the way I want them than to have both boots in a mediocre half-alert state. Read more »

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