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Should You Send Your Ex A Father’s Day Card? Tue Jun 05 2018
Kids aren’t the only people to give Fathers cards. Wives give them to their husbands, too. In perusing Father’s Day cards, I found several themes that I could relate to… view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #Father'sDay #OnlyMama
Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder Mon Mar 27 2017
“Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder” makes its deft way in the world as draft and fragment, beautiful in its brokenness, and yet seems to suggest the entire life, the only life, for now. view at americanliteraryreview
#essay #father #attachmentDisorder #contestwinner
Underwear Regrets Tue May 02 2017
This is one of the first flash essays I ever wrote. I still like it. read this article
#essays #father #underwear
Memory Dissection: A Statue, My Father, and a Camera Thu Mar 23 2017
The bronze statue looked almost alive—a young girl, life-sized, or nearly. Her small breasts and slim hips placed her at the start of puberty, around twelve or thirteen—we were about the same age. Her mouth was open in a perfect oval. view at roarfeminist
#Feminism #statue #father #Roar

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