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Generation Gap: Normalizing Alternative Families Tue Nov 29 2016
I made my mother a ninja whether she wanted to be a ninja or not because it's my blog and I can make people ninjas if I want to. view at huffingtonpost
#QueerParenting #LesbianMothers #GayMarriage
Straightland, a Family Emigration Story Tue Dec 20 2016
Leaving Straightland was easy, we just had to walk through the closet door. view at huffingtonpost
#queerParenting #LesbianMothers #GayMarriage #HuffPost
They Tell Me I’m a Queerspawn Thu May 18 2017
Queerspawn are children of GLBTQ parents, and the word has been around for a least a decade. Apparently I have a tribe. view at huffingtonpost
#QueerParenting #QueerSpawn #Yabbit #HuffPost
THE GUARDIAN: I was taunted for having two mums in the 1980s Sun Jul 22 2018
It was a dangerous time, but my lesbian parents paved the way view at theguardian
#QueerParenting #LesbianMothers #QueerSpawn #Guardian
In Conversation With Leslie Lawrence, Author of "The Death of Fred Astaire" Wed May 24 2017
Interview style book review of a marvelous essay collection about life, learning, and teaching. There are also children and dogs. read this article
#BookReview #QueerParenting #essays #writing #LeslieLawrence
On Microagressions: Did You Ever Think You Were a Lesbian Like Your Mom? Sun Apr 08 2018
Starting in high school, I’ve been asked variations on this question my whole life — mostly by men. I do understand people’s natural curiosity, but there are so many problems with this question that I have to write a whole post about it. view at medium
#QueerSpawn #LesbianLikeYourMother #LGBTQIA #QueerParenting

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