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In Which I Write Badly About my Introduction to Poetry  Mon Nov 07 2016
Eventually I learned that I loved poetry, but only after insulting a bunch of people. read this article
The Thesaurus Might Make Me Someone to Yearn For Wed Dec 28 2016
Let the words be enough. view at thedrunkenllama
#Poetry #DrunkenLlama
Between the Sepals Sun Nov 29 2015
my pink petals darkened brown I thought for the sin of my unwashed hands. Barbie doll romantic reenactments always terminated in taboo Georgia O’Keefe finger painting. view at visceraluterus
#poetry #sexuality
Writing Prompt: Homage Mon Jun 03 2019
I was going through old residency notes from my MFA and found this poem I wrote, and I actually don't write poems, but I like it. read this article
#Poetry #Feminist #Mothering
Legacy of the Last World by Susan Roney-O’Brien Sat Oct 15 2016
Roney-O’Brien’s Eve transcends religious tradition as the reader inhabits Eve’s mind and body, her nature revealed in the small details. view at momeggreview
#BookReview #poetry
The Generous Spirit of Andrea Fekete Wed Nov 16 2016
I don’t have sports heroes, and I don’t know the names of the current Hollywood A-Listers. My heroes are writers. Artists. People who try to find the most honest truth, and hold it in their hand for everyone else to see. read this article
#writing #friends #WVWCMFA #poetry
TBR Tuesdays Interview with Athena Dixon, Author of NO GOD IN THIS ROOM Tue Oct 02 2018
I’m pleased to introduce you to Athena Dixon, writer, editor, and all around wonderful human.  Her poetry chapbook NO GOD IN THIS ROOM is just out with Argus House Press. read this article
#TBRTuesdays #AuthorInterview #AthenaDixon #Poetry #HippoCamp #EmbraceTheWritingLife

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