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Author Interview With Blank and Dinner Tue Aug 01 2017
An interview of Lara by Blank and Dinner, a YouTube channel that discusses current affairs including politics, LGBT and celebrity issues over dinner, because that's where the best conversations happen. view at facebook
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Interview with MyDomaine: Here's How Talking to Kids About Gender Is Simpler Than It Sounds Tue Dec 05 2017
To find out how we as parents and educators (and even just as adults) can work toward a future of liberation and respect in both small and big ways every day, we reached out to Lara Lillibridge, the author of upcoming memoir Girlish. view at mydomaine
#Interview #MyDomaine
Interview with the Author: Lara Lillibridge Mon Feb 04 2019
Writer Andrea Fekete interviews Lara Lillibridge view at proudtobewv
#Interview #Fekete
Interview with the Author: Lara Lillibridge on NRR: IdeaStream Thu Apr 05 2018
Interview by Mike McIntyre on IdeaStream April 5, 2018. Interview begins at 34:40 view at ideastream
#Interview #IdeaStream #WVIZ #Girlish
Interview with Katie McDougall and Susannah Felts, Co-Founders of The Porch, Nashville’s Literary Center Fri Feb 07 2020
I sat down with the co-founders of The Porch, Nashville's literary center and asked them to explain the who, what, why, and how of creating a literary center. view at bit
#Interview #Hippocampus #ThePorch #LiteraryCenter
INTERVIEW: Nefertiti Austin, Author of Motherhood So White: A Memoir of Race, Gender, and Parenting in America Mon Apr 05 2021
Interview with Nefertiti Austin for Hippocampus Magazine view at hippocampusmagazine
#Interview #Hippocampus #MotherhoodSoWhite #Race #Gender
Hippocampus Magazine Interview with Christine Hyung-Oak Lee, Author of Tell Me Everything Thing You Don’t Remember Sat Jul 10 2021
t’s a wonderful book about so many things—memory, relationships, family, and rebuilding oneself and one’s entire life, with a bonus of learning some science and medical history as well. view at hippocampusmagazine
#Interview #Hippocampus #ChristineLee #Stroke #Memoir
Interview with Book Publicist Andrea Kiliany Thatcher Tue Jun 26 2018
For Industry Insiders week, I wanted to introduce you to Andrea Kiliany Thatcher of Smith Publicity, whom I worked with in the months leading up to the release of my memoir, Girlish: Growing Up in a Lesbian Home. view at thedebutanteball
#DebutanteBall #interview #Publicist
My Interview with Laurie Jean Cannady, Author of CRAVE Sat Nov 11 2017
I got to interview one of my writing heroes, Laurie Jean Cannady. view at thedebutanteball
#DebutanteBall #Interview #Crave
Winterview with Author Lara Lillibridge Thu Mar 15 2018
To celebrate 13 weeks of winter, Hàlön Chronicles will be conducting one interview a week for 13 weeks. This week's guest is Lara Lillibridge. view at blog
#HalonChronicles #Interview #BlogTour
EMPTY CLOSET: Girlish – Growing Up in a Lesbian Home | Interview with Lara Lillibridge Tue May 15 2018
The Empty Closet had a chance to chat with Lillibridge before her April release. (Author's Note: I never said house maid. I said house mate but it was over the phone.) view at gayalliance
#EmptyCloset #Interview #Girlish
Interview with Terese Mailhot, author of Heart Berries Sat Jul 21 2018
I am so excited to welcome Terese Marie Mailhot to the blog today, and introduce her and her searingly beautiful memoir to the Deb community! view at thedebutanteball
#DebutanteBall #Interview #TereseMailhot
WXXI Interview Mon May 28 2018
WATCH: Author Lara Lillibridge on NEED TO KNOW with Hélène Biandudi Hofer view at wxxinews
#Girlish #Interview #WXXI
Interview with Writer/Actor/Comedian/Director Mayur Chauhan Tue Aug 06 2019
I wanted to introduce everyone I know to my friend Mayur Chauhan and his work--then I remembered that I have a blog and can actually make that happen virtually.  read this article
#MayurChauhan #Interview #Comedy
Hippocampus Magazine Interview with Shawna Kay Rodenberg, Author of Kin Tue Jun 08 2021
Shawna Kay Rodenberg and I discuss writing about family and her debut memoir, Kin, out today with Bloomsbury. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #ShawnaKayRodenberg #Appalachian #Kin
Interview: Eileen Cronin for Hippocampus Magazine Fri Dec 11 2020
Interview of Eileen Cronin, author of Mermaid: A Memoir of Resilience. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #EileenCronin #Disability #Memoir #Mermaid
Interview: Rebecca Fish Ewan, Author of Doodling for Writers Wed Nov 11 2020
Rebecca Fish Ewan's book taught me that doodling can be more satisfying than I ever imagined. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #RebeccaFishEwan #DoodlingForWriters
A Conversation with Kao Kalia Yang, Author of Somewhere in the Unknown World: A Collective Refugee Memoir Wed Nov 11 2020
Kalia Yang is the author of several works for adults and children, using her voice to give words to those who don’t have written words, or who don’t have the opportunity to have their stories heard. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #KaoKaliaYang
INTERVIEW: Rebecca McClanahan, Author of In The Key of New York City Fri Sep 11 2020
I loved the chance to discuss essays and craft with Rebecca. The use of "and" versus "or" has revolutionized my thinking about life, not just writing. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #RebeccaMcClanahan
INTERVIEW: Carol Smith, Author of Crossing the River Tue May 11 2021
Interview with Carol Smith for Hippocampus Magazine on her memoir, "Crossing the River." view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #CarolSmith #Grief
INTERVIEW: Jill Louise Busby, Author of Unfollow Me Tue Sep 28 2021
I spoke with Jill Louise Busby for Hippocampus Magazine about her debut memoir, "Unfollow Me." view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #UnfollowMe #JillLouiseBusby #Race #Queer
INTERVIEW: Esteban Rodríguez, Author of Before the Earth Devours Us Mon Oct 11 2021
I spoke with Esteban Rodríguez for Hippocampus Magazine about his essay collection. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #Rodriguez #BeforeTheEarthDevoursUs #Essays #Texas
Interview with Brian Broome, Winner of the 2021 Kirkus Prize Mon Nov 15 2021
I sat down with Brian Broome, author of "Punch Me Up to the Gods," over zoom, and he is simply delightful. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #BrianBroome #PunchMeUpToTheGods #Queer #Black #Memoir
INTERVIEW: Stephen J. West, Author of Soft-Boiled: An Investigation of Masculinity and The Writer’s Life Fri Jul 08 2022
Interview with author Stephen J. West for Hippocampus Magazine. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #StephenJWest #Soft-Boiled
INTERVIEW: Lizz Schumer, Author of Biography of a Body Mon Jun 06 2022
I was drawn to lyrical, fragmented form of Lizz Schumer’s Biography of a Body and I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of thoughts on writing interspersed throughout the book. Schumer tackles themes such as religion, disordered eating, sexuality, and the complexity of inhabiting a female body. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HIppocampusMagazine #Interview #LizzSchumer #BiographyOfABody
TBR Tuesday: Interview with Meghan Scott Molin and Giveaway for THE FRAME UP Tue Dec 18 2018
In sum, Meghan Scott Molin has given us a tight--dare I say zany--caper peopled with the kind of characters I'd love to hang out with IRL.  If you enjoyed Janet Evanovitch's Stephanie Plum series, you'll love THE FRAME UP. read this article
#TBRTuesdays #BookReview #interview #Giveaway #GeekGirl #Mystery
Linda’s Book Obsession Interviews Lara Lillibridge Tue Apr 23 2019
An Interview with Lara Lillibridge, Author of “Mama, Mama, Only Mama” view at lindasbookobsession
#MamaMamaOnlyMama #LindasBookObsession #Interview
INTERVIEW: Ron Hogan, Author of Our Endless and Proper Work Mon Aug 02 2021
I sat down with Ron Hogan over Zoom to discuss his new book on the writing life, "Our Endless and Proper Work," a truly different book on craft and creativity. view at hippocampusmagazine
#RonHogan #HippocampusMagazine #Interview
INTERVIEW: Claudia Putnam, Winner of Split/Lip’s Creative Nonfiction Chapbook Contest Thu Apr 07 2022
Double Negative by Claudia Putnam is the winner of Split/Lip’s 2021 Nonfiction/Hybrid Chapbook Contest. An intense, lyrical essay just under 50 pages, Putnam’s writing is gorgeously wrought. view at hippocampusmagazine
#ClaudiaPutnam #Split-Lip #Chapbook #Hippocampus #Interview

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