Tiny Pants Makes a Travel Brochure

Tiny Pants had to make a travel brochure for school this weekend. It was supposed to be about his home town, but it did allow for “any other place” or something. Tiny chose West Virginia.

 I felt this was a bit of an odd choice, since we live in Ohio, and he travels frequently to both Florida and Illinois.  Yes, I go to school in West Virginia, but Tiny has only been there once. 



Mama:  Why West Virginia? 

Tiny Pants:  It’s the only state I can draw.

Well, that clears up one mystery. 


His brochure proclaims: Wet, Wet, Wet, West Virginia. 


Mama: West Virginia is wet?

Tiny Pants: Yes.

Mama:  Are you sure?

Tiny Pants: Yes. 

Mama: You aren’t thinking, Wild, Wonderful West Virginia?

Tiny Pants: It’s wet, Mama.  Wet like a hurricane.

Mama:  Hurricane?

Tiny Pants: Yes. 

Mama:  Are you sure?

Tiny Pants: Yes. 

I kind of think this homework was for Social Studies, not Art and Imagination. But, you know, maybe he knows something I don’t. I’m not in the mood to argue. For all my friends in WV, to be on the safe side, I recommend you buy an umbrella. 

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