TBR Tuesday: GIVEAWAY for The Space Between Lost and Found by Sandy Stark-McGinnis

You will not soon forget this heartbreakingly beautiful story of a girl coming to terms with her mother's descent into dementia.  The Space Between Lost and Found is a rich, intense tale with vivid, well-fleshed out characters.

About the Book:

Cassie’s always looked up to her mom, a vivacious woman with big ideas and a mischievous smile. Together they planned to check off every item on a big-dream bucket list, no matter how far the adventure would take them. But then Mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and everything changed. 

Now, Cassie tries to keep Mom happy, and to understand some of Dad’s restrictive new rules. She tries to focus on math lessons and struggles to come up with art ideas that used to just burst off her pen. When Mom’s memories started to fade, so did Cassie’s inspiration. And even worse, she’s accidentally pushed away Bailey, the one friend who could make it all okay.

After the worst Mom day yet, the day she forgets Cassie’s name, Cassie decides to take action. It’s time for one last adventure, even if it means lying and taking a big risk to get there. Sandy Stark-McGinnis, acclaimed author of Extraordinary Birds, explores big questions – the kind that don’t always have answers – in a powerful story about family, friendship, and the memories that will always be part of us.

I'm particularly drawn to Middle Grade books during this weird time of home confinement--they are as well developed as any adult novel, but the shorter length makes them easier to digest. Adults will easily slip into Cassie's point of view, and the subject matter crosses all age groups. Backstory is added  through gray-shaded pages, which makes the time jumps readily apparent and easy to follow. I read this book straight through-I was completely engrossed, and the story lingered long after I closed the cover. The ending is particularly well done--Stark-McGinnis doesn't give in to the easy happily-ever-after yet still manages to leave us in a state of hope.

I'm giving away one copy of The Space Between Lost and Found. To enter, retweet the following tweet or share this post on Facebook. One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, May 4, 2020. Hardcover-US only, Nook-international OK. 



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