TBR Tuesday: a List of my Favorite Middle Grade Books with Queer Characters

I realized I write about so many books that it occurred to me that it might be handy to have them all in one place. To qualify for my list, a book doens't have to have a queer theme, but must have at least one queer character. They don't have to be a main charecter either, but visiblilty matters,and let's be honest, kids don't need a thousand coming out stories. They need coming out stories, sure, but they also need good stories about all sorts of things with characters that represent all sorts of people. 

Middle Grade Novels I Love: 

Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter To The World (Lesbian)

The Other Boy (transboy assigned female at birth, baseball)

George (trans girl assigned male at birth)

Sapphire The Great And The Meaning Of Life (gay dad, transwoman friend)

Extraordinary Birds (Out April 30) straight girl whose BFF is a transgirl  


Graphic Novels with Gender Queer Themes

The Witch Boy

The Prince and The Dressmaker

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