My Christmas Gift to Myself

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but every year since high school—ok, most years—I’ve done what I call “A Christmas Gift to Myself” every Dec. 26th.  After the chaos of Christmas, it feels like a new start, a time to refocus. 

What do I want to give myself? 

This year, I am giving myself the time to work out 30-45 minutes a day. 

My second memoir releases this spring, and I’m remembering the crushing anxiety of last year. Remembering isn’t the right word…experiencing the first bite of it. I know what’s coming. 

What I learned from last year’s release is that exercise will save me. Yoga will work when nothing else does. Tension held in my body will release to muscle fatigue if I keep pressing play on that workout stream. 

I’m starting now, and it’s not a chore, or a good habit, or a punishment for all the bad things I have and will continue to eat. I’m carving out space for what I know I need to arm myself for the emotional havoc that is right around the corner. As much as I hate the term “self-care” that’s exactly what it is. Instead of spa days or meditation scented with soothing candles, what I need is the habit of sweating till I can’t think anymore. 

I like feeling strong. I like knowing that my body can rise to a challenge. And I think it’s good for my children to see me put my health above other things, even if they occasionally are the thing that has to wait 45 minutes. 


What are you doing to take care of yourself this winter? 

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