Bonus Material: Barely Recognizable Animals + Sewing Pattern for Monkey Spaceman Looking Thing

I used to make the children Barely Recognizable Animals every week. Sometimes I used a pattern and then they were Actually Recognizable Animals but mostly I didn't and they weren't.

See Photographic Evidence, Exhibit A: 

Some of them are--I'll admit it--Completely Unrecognizable Animals.

But they were all made with love, and when I sewed, the boys played nicely in the room with me while they patiently waited. Some weeks I made Pokémon, which were a lot easier and more recognizable, and could be made easily from a coloring page.

See the one in the lower right hand corner? That's Cyndaquil, and that's right, I made MF-ing FIRE come out of its back.







Go google Cyndaquil. I'll wait just so you can appreciate how INCREDIBLY RECOGNIZABLE it is.  

Chansey originally had an egg in her pouch, but sadly it's gone missing, but I made these little polar fleece or felt creations like 8 years ago and they survived so I'm not complaining. 


I even made baseball and football jerseys for real not-homemade animals. This one still has its mitt. And the faux buttons stayed on!

In Mama, Mama, Only Mama I wanted to include a pattern for one of my most successful Barely-Recognizable Animals, but it didn't make the final cut. 


Here is what I like to call the Monkey-Spaceman Looking Thing. 

And here are approixmate directions to make your own, only somewhat distorted, which will add to its wonky charm (Probably):



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