Announcement: Girlish is a Finalist for Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year

I get a lot of emails. We all get a lot of emails. Since my inbox is sorted by category, if something goes to "promotions" or "social" I don't see it. because we are all drowning in emails. 

This morning, a friend posted pictures of pretty happy books on twitter and tagged the press. I followed the trail to the press's page because pretty books. The press tweeted that one of their books is finalist in Foreword Reviews’ Indie Awards. I felt sad because Girlish was entered and I was not a finalist, but I went to Foreword Reviews’ website to see whom else I know who made it. Seeing my friends win stuff is just as good as winning stuff myself. It turns out I am a finalist! 

Lesson: I should occasionally check my other folders in my inbox. 


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